Thursday, August 2, 2012


Every time I come home  I run  into  one business out fit or the other  owned or run by a Nenwerian,  I meet numerous  Nenwe professionals in many fields  doing us and Nigeria proud in  their respective areas; engineering , medical , production, business/marketing, education, agric, finance,  civil service, religious  fields etc . So many  of these people  are not known by  a good cross section of our  people.
As our(NOL) 10th year anniversary  draw near (August 8) and we plan to celebrate in different ways I would like  to create an ONLINE Nenwe business directory  as my personal  gift to NOL & members for their great contributions in these 10 years of our collective  experience  and journey. The publications will first of all be on our  portals NOL, NOL blog, NOL fb & other Nenwe  FB pages, etc then later we create its  is own  page or portal.
I shall start with those I know or have visited while I wait for other members   to mail whatever or whoever  he/she  would like to be added are advertise. Full modalities will be sent in my next mail.
The endpoint is to know/promote ourselves at national and international arena.
Happy birthday in advance to NOL .
Chukwubike O Charles

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