Thursday, 20 November 2008


I missed this mail.
A bishop?. You may take it as a joke but, but things work this way in many circles especially in these 'new Christian' circles.
My credentials are ok for any position I may target ooo.
  • Their land lord
  • a foundation member (if I decided to )
  • A good 'father and elder' in the community--- Epaa (in Edo language) Helping and resettling everyone irrespective of origin. They say this before me , what is said behind is your business.Remember I will be there on the election day so you will maintain your words as a child of God.
  • These three points above authmoatically grants me a front seat in the church and this is a prelude and great steap towards an episcopal or santity position there. It is not like the older christian churches where SOMEONE said "...leave them to come close to me.." therfore you see people like DAVYMORE and not monetrily rich ANNA -NWA CHILEKE occupy the front seats of FATHER EZEANYA's mass. ..The older ones and historical ones will understand these charcters.
The young man (pastor in Oga charlie church) is good . I had an opportunity to listen to him the first day because I had to know at least some of the members and register them in the associations register for security and insurance.The min of Internal affairs need that. I was though uncomfortable with the -ba-ba-ba-ba.-gru-gbru gbru.-ma-ma-mam-hab-haba-haba aspect. They all spoke and prayed in such a babbel for a while. God in his omnipotence will be able to understand them I suppose.

Poor me I was at sea because as 'an ordinary level /simple' christian I remained at the 'simple prayer book' level...."nna-ayi lo- l'eluigwe,ekele Maria, ekele-eze-nwayi, ekwem la-chukwu, ayi-agba la ntchedowu, omume nke ime -ebere, otito diri nna la nwa ... and simple stuffs like that. Our parish priest speaks Aramaic language which is the language most early christians and Jesus Christ spoke.He is of Lebanees origin. We urge him some times to say a mass with it when his relations visit him for curiousity though.
Is anyone in this forum capable of speaking such tounges like our pastor and understanding himself obviously before God understands him?
Therefore Sir Nwora, no cause for alarm, we are still together... for now? I like simple things and can never change for difficult or complicated issues so you know my position.
On a diffrent note You knoghts will get ready for some horse riding anytime we meet at Nenwe. Is a Knight without a horse complete?Tell us more .Here in Italy knights are called cavallieri ( honourable those who own horses- one of the greatest honours in Italy)
Good Morning
Charlie MBC
(Rome Italy)

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Interesting news! Charles,
Keep up your good work, maybe one day the new church will - not only see you as a social godfather, but their religious head- 'a Bishop'. Just make sure they don't copt you into a new evangelism such that will jeopardize your core catholic beliefs and roots. Its all a matter of 'materialism and morality'.
Happy All Souls' Day!
Chukwuemeka C. Nwora.

Chukwubike Okey C.