Monday, 8 July 2019


On Monday, tomorrow, I will be once again occupied by my daily teaching activities like each one of us in your own ethical works all over the world.

I had planned to say bye to this matter but as responses trickle in one is at personal feeling to respond.

I still hail that young woman for speaking out her mind. She, like some of us, was angered by what we read and pictures we saw realistically from natural human settings in Nenwe and now Nomeh.

All the outburst from this Nsukka Youths’ spokesman is the worst tactic used to confuse people.

In all his speech one did not hear him clear the Governor of why he gave people money in Nenwe and called the money tobacco/ chop chop money; and we Nigerians or human beings know better when human beings behave like that in a matter like what that, means.

If Nenwe people clashed or have an issue with the murderous group like the Fulani/ Cattle Herders. If a Governor goes there the communique that would be issued and would give reasonable Nenwe and other people a sense of security and transparency will be stern security measures we could lay hands on in the communique, not bribe money being given to anyone.

In short, the Govetnor’s handling of the matter still remains foggy to say the least.

The Nsukka spokesman did not give us a sound method by which the governor settled the encounter of Nenwe people and the killers. He just kept heaping blames on the young women even questioning her Nsukka citizenship: does that matter to standing and proclaiming the truth?

Instead of haunting for the young woman, let the Nsukka Youths come out and verify for us that the lands said to be given to the Ruga Project in Nomeh and Emudo, Nenwe that are defended by mobile police are false!

We got nothing from the spokesman than the usual Nigerian corrupt way of defending even a demon if he will give out pepper soups/ jobs/ and position.

To date, what transpired in Nenwe and now Momeh remains scary!

Why hasn’t the Igwe who was implicated in this matter come out to clear the cloud?

We would listen to him to tell us as Nenwe people what he knows as a person who is in the epicenter of the whole controversy.

May the young woman live long for her bravery. Whatever happens to her, she will be Enugu State Jones de Arc, I hope I spelled her names well: the gallant French Lady That was burned to death on the stake for her bravery whose portrait can be seen on the shoulders of French elite Navy Units in recognition of her bravery when it was not recognized by the people of her time.

The young women has balls in between her legs in such a way that some of us men are not even close!