Thursday, August 2, 2012


Production of all sorts of cosmetics,(relaxers, shampoos,soaps, creams etc) perfumes and beauty gadgets/accessories.

We are also distributor and agent to many world leading names in cosmetics.


ACE Laboratories Ltd

231c Apapa Ijora

Lagos  Nigeria

Tel:+234 8033042867


Every time I come home  I run  into  one business out fit or the other  owned or run by a Nenwerian,  I meet numerous  Nenwe professionals in many fields  doing us and Nigeria proud in  their respective areas; engineering , medical , production, business/marketing, education, agric, finance,  civil service, religious  fields etc . So many  of these people  are not known by  a good cross section of our  people.
As our(NOL) 10th year anniversary  draw near (August 8) and we plan to celebrate in different ways I would like  to create an ONLINE Nenwe business directory  as my personal  gift to NOL & members for their great contributions in these 10 years of our collective  experience  and journey. The publications will first of all be on our  portals NOL, NOL blog, NOL fb & other Nenwe  FB pages, etc then later we create its  is own  page or portal.
I shall start with those I know or have visited while I wait for other members   to mail whatever or whoever  he/she  would like to be added are advertise. Full modalities will be sent in my next mail.
The endpoint is to know/promote ourselves at national and international arena.
Happy birthday in advance to NOL .
Chukwubike O Charles


For landscaping, gardening, all Agricultural and ornamental plants and flowers visit ;Bartholomew Okafor. Market Garden Ave (Before the Railway crossing) Tel 08053341118

You will also find life catfish of all sizes in our numerous ponds. ‘Freshly’ smoked cat fish can also be ordered

Monday, July 30, 2012

Fwd: [NENWEONLINE] NPAUSA (Nenwe) National Convention

  Honorable People,

The Convention is here! 
We, want to thank all of you who stood firm with us and offered us  a lot encouragement and suggestions. Particularly, we acknowledge the President of NIU Jos Branch, Ugo Nweke of NPA UK, Chief Cyril Oleh, the Okwuru Oha, and Dr. Cosmas Onuora, Onwa Na Etili Ora. These people did not just wish us success in spirit, they also took out time to express it in writing.

We are indebted to those who found time and resources to be here, live in Atlanta.
We are equally grateful for the numerous phone calls with words of encouragement, the adverts and numerous other contributions.

This is equally a reminder that our books are still open for your support, financial or otherwise.

I will be signing off from NPAUSA user group to start preparation for a live feed broadcast of the occasion. A link will be provided soon. Follow the link and you will be part of this one of a kind gathering.

Thank you and God bless.
Okwudili Ani
Asst. Secretary NPAUSA
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Chukwubike Okey C.

Fwd: [NENWEONLINE] Live update

And the meeting begins. A cross section of Nenwerians. Nnabike Okeke, Ezeugo Nwonye, Mrs. Bene Nwonye and Chris Nwonye arriving for the meeting.

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Okwudili Chukwuemeka Ani
Reporting from my iPad

Chukwubike Okey C.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


One of those events you can’t miss. Attending Angelicas’  graduation: She   is  ‘many things’   to  me   not minding the fact that  she doesn’t know me  by person and I  wouldn’t have  recognized her  anywhere; therefore  amidst high schedules I had  to   be  present.

I was one of the last to arrive  at the  venue but strangely  myself and the persons that were accompanying  me   from the office  were  beckoned  to the reserved  front seats. I wondered why commissioners, high ranked army officers, air force officers and men, Alhajis from the north and some Igwes should seat behind me. Nenwe bu miri…you will know later.
Our daughter Angelica was gorgeous and made us proud. She won two ‘best student awards’ in English Language and Literature. One wouldn’t be happier and I  couldn’t stop remembering how CHRIS (rip) was also so wonderful in those subjects during our school time.
Another award went to the V P of the institution Mrs. Okwuosa (Our own Corde Onuora) who   was also the chairperson of the graduation committee. ‘A great motor to everything that  happens in the school’  as the  director put it.
 When I looked at the program I saw a certain Prof Alimba. He was seated at the  high table  and ‘co chairing’ the  show,  I told my friends   that should be a name from my ‘enclave’. When I went to greet  Mrs Okwuosa  there  was also Okey Alimba..the Prof. I was  very proud  of Nenwe.
Louis Orji (whose daughter won an award at her time) and Nike Chukwu were  also there.
At the closing remarks by the director of the school people were told to emulate the  kind gesture   of Air Vice Marshal Chukwu  (absent, but fully represented)who donated  generously many  items   to the institutions.  
Who wouldn’t like to be associated to Nenwe !!!!
Good morning