Friday, 24 January 2014

A visit to Omoo Stream (omoo odogoro/omoo college) NENWE

After more than  35 yrs I found myself in the company of  the numerous inhabitants of the area of the town that used and after these years still make use of 
this stream in 'hard times'.In the morning; scores of youths  with all sorts of  carts  and vehicles  trooping down to all the routs of this 'poor but blessed' stream or do we call it river? mostly to fetch water.However, many also come to wash their  wares and wears  in any point they consider 'their lower part' of the  stream. There is a standard   and almost  a permanent cash wash point by the  left bank while heading  to Awgu. There are builders and commercial  water suppliers who come down with their  tankers and motor pumps  most of them dropped almost inside the stream  emitting chocking smokes  in the air and dropping petroleum in the 
stream to the great dismay of the poor women and youths that come  to fetch water.

There are also numerous ugwu-avia residents who dredge the stream  not out of patriotism but to sell the sand to house builders; this is a new tendency 
that I just discovered.

In the evening you would find people  who just take a walk  down there to  curious around  the stream. You would also find a lot of young lovers  at all  the 
track ways  that run along and around the   stream areas stretching  from the  left bank to almost beyond the college (the secondary school)levels.
The picture that got me so alarmed was seeing couples of young boys sitting  under shrubs and some 'edjokwu'; some sober moods and some in high 
moods.My blood jumped as I thought  from my European prejudiced  culture/mind  'that GAY  is alive here'  and that homosexuals abound my beloved Nenwe despite the Nigerian pretense and denial  of that human phenomenon , however,after  some scrutiny and sniffing I  came to realize that GAY was really alive there but  the smoking 'GAY',IGBOO.WE-WE,OKPOKO-ENYI. These my GUYS were not (probably) GAYS but  'okpoko-enyi' smoking partners. 
It might interest you to know that as reported by some of the fellows :some of the taboos and diffidence

  on our Mgbowo neighbors and brothers are been broken as  some beautiful youths from there also stream/stroll  to the stream area  to meet their counterparts or partners  certainly not searching for  fetch water alone  anyway.After all these  (social economic etc) activities around the Omoo  Stream In Nenwe one question must be asked and answered:when will that stream seize to be the main source of WATER and DISEASE supplies to our people?

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